Clara "Elizabeth Smith" Cheatem Barber, the grandmother of the designer, is the main inspiration for the brand because she is the epitome of strength, leadership, and class! Currently, the company is reintroducing its brand by showcasing products that communicate empowerment, strength, and timelessness.

All of the brand's products are designed to make every customer feel confident and beautiful. ESF is a community-focused brand that inspires, stands out, is self-assured, and shows you can have it all!

The ESF organization roots itself in its authenticity and by being true to itself, as a leader of the industry, it empowers others to do the same. Alpha Femme not only empowers the Alpha Femme, but also every woman to be who they truly are!

Designer - La Tonya

La Tonya Williams-Jenkins' inspiration stemming from the history of designers in her family along with her dedication to sewing at the young age of 10.  She may have originally earned a degree in mathematics, but fashion was always knocking on her door.  Graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Cum Laude degree with a Masters in Project Management, La Tonya is making a mark on the fashion world -- one stitch at a time.  In 2011, she was second runner-up in Kenmore's So You Wanna To Be A Designer reality show.  In March 2012, she was selected as a Designer in Residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator - A City of Chicago sponsored program to help fashion designers start a business.  The last few years were dedicated to becoming a mother and wife. 

La Tonya was recognized in numerous mediums, including magazines, commercials, social media, i.e. YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.