Clara "Elizabeth Smith" Cheatem Barber, the grandmother of the designer, serves as the primary muse behind the brand, embodying qualities of resilience, leadership, and sophistication. Currently, the company is relaunching its brand with a focus on showcasing products that embody empowerment, strength, and timeless elegance.

Every item crafted by the brand is meticulously designed to evoke feelings of confidence and beauty in every customer. ESF is deeply rooted in community, serving as a beacon of inspiration and self-assurance, demonstrating that one can achieve greatness while embracing authenticity.

As a trailblazer in the industry, ESF empowers others to embrace their true selves, fostering a culture of authenticity and empowerment. Alpha Femme not only uplifts the Alpha Femme but also celebrates the essence of every woman, encouraging them to embrace their unique identity unapologetically.



Designer - La Tonya

La Tonya Williams-Jenkins draws her creative drive from a lineage steeped in design, inheriting inspiration from the rich history of designers within her family. Her journey with needle and thread began at the tender age of 10, igniting a passion for fashion that would shape her future endeavors. Despite initially pursuing a degree in mathematics, the allure of the fashion world remained irresistible.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, earned summa cum laude, and a Cum Laude master’s in project management, La Tonya embarked on a mission to leave her imprint on the fashion landscape, stitch by stitch. Her talent and dedication were evident when she claimed the title of second runner-up in Kenmore's esteemed "So You Wanna Be a Designer" reality show in 2011. Following this triumph, she was handpicked as a Designer in Residence at the Chicago Fashion Incubator, a prestigious program sponsored by the City of Chicago aimed at nurturing emerging fashion entrepreneurs.

Despite her professional successes, La Tonya’s journey also led her to embrace the roles of mother and wife in recent years. Throughout her multifaceted life, she has been featured prominently across various platforms, including magazines, commercials, and social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. La Tonya Williams-Jenkins continues to weave her creative vision into the fabric of the fashion world, leaving an indelible mark with each impeccably crafted design.